Lighthouse PATH
Empowering Homeless Women & Children in Oakland County

Lighthouse PATH, a subsidiary of Lighthouse of Oakland County, Inc., provides an empowerment program for
homeless women and children in Oakland County with transitional housing in a safe, structured, nurturing
environment. Life skills and educational programs are available for women and children to foster the development of
self esteem, self sufficiency and economic autonomy,
thereby strengthening the family. Lighthouse PATH is devoted directly to homelessness, a key issue with many
families who are struggling with poverty in Oakland County. Participants may live at Lighthouse PATH for up to two
years in their own apartment units while they stabilize their families, complete their education, and/or join a job-
training program. During this time, participants are expected to contribute 30% of their monthly income towards
program fees

PATH’s Success

There has been a success rate of 91% in Lighthouse PATH's seventeen years of operation. Over 400+ women and
650 children, who have participated in the Lighthouse PATH program, are no longer homeless.
We need financial support to continue this important work of strengthening families and thus the community at large.
Lighthouse PATH
Lighthouse PATH
130 Center Street
Pontiac, MI 48342